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Artist Profile: Ofri Cnaani

December 14, 2011

Artist Profile: Ofri Cnaani

Art News Worldwide interviews AMG artist Ofri Cnaani.

Your works use technology in a variety of ways, often emphasizing what is old tech versus newer, shinier technology, or slowness versus the pace of new invention. Even though you utilize technology to the fullest, as is quite obvious from the technical specifications of the Sota Project, where the narrative develops on all four walls of the gallery space, using multiple projectors and synchronizers. How did technology develop alongside this project, and what did you look at in order to shape the aesthetic of this video work?

As far as I’m concerned the adaptation of Sota happened on two levels—one is, of course, the level of the story, but the other was the way I wanted to tell the story in the form of a spatial narrative…

Follow the link to learn more!

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