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Michal Chelbin editorial in BusinessWeek

July 13, 2011

Make sure to look out for Michal Chelbin’s photo editorial on the economic crisis in Greece featured in this week’s Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Interviews by  Tom Stoukas.

Titos Theonas

Greek Orthodox priest, 48

My annual salary has gone down by the equivalent of two months. In the church, there has been a reduction of about 25 percent in offerings. There are more people coming to the church–mostly businessmen who have lost their businesses and are in economic need.

Petros Kobothekras

Protester, 68

I have been coming to Syntagma Square every night for the last month. I try and tell people how much worse life will be next year and so on. We must remove this government. We are trying for the real democracy as it was in Athens 2,500 years ago.

Stefania Petritsi

Partner, Mali Veni Organic Farm, 35

The crisis helped me change. I left an office job and did something on my own, something sustainable for the environment as well as financially. It is the only way out. …I want to stay positive about the financial situation, but if things don’t change it will become very hard.

For more on the article and a slideshow of Michal Chelbin’s work visit BusinessWeek’s website.


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