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Three Acts of Betrayal

March 30, 2011

This Saturday, April 2nd at 5:00 pm Ofri Cnaani and Hadas Cohen will present Three Acts of Betrayal, a performance/ lecture. This event will take place at Galapagos Art Space, 16 Main St., Dumbo, Brooklyn. Admission is Free.

Three Acts of Betrayal explores how women have used their bodies to perform acts of national treason. Cnaani and Cohen both ask what happens when one stops being loyal to their country? What happens when the traitor is a woman – a traitress? How are traitors judged by the state and by the court of public opinion? What spectacle is formed through the punishment?

The performance coincides with Cnaani’s current exhibition, The Sota Project, an immersive, multilayered video installation which addresses and interprets a controversial text from the Talmud- a text that also addresses a similar notion of treason and betrayal. According to the text, a Sotah is a woman who, suspected by her husband of infidelity, is forced to drink a bitter water to establish her innocence. The Talmudic law derives from an anonymous Biblical story that recounts the tale of two sisters, Sota and Bekhorah, who are pulled apart when Sota’s husband accuses her of infidelity. Ofri Cnaani explores this ancient parable through her multilayered video installation and allows the audience to become immersed within a story that has rarely been told. The Sota Project will run through April 23rd, at Kunstahlle Galapagos, also located on 16 Main Street, Brooklyn.

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