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Concurrent Exhibitions

October 2, 2010

Itamar Jobani currently has a solo exhibition, Monumation, at the Vieter Stock Gallery in Berlin.  Jobani’s exhibit proposes a series of subversive public monuments to be erected throughout Berlin.  Jobani’s miniature monuments retain the heroism that is typical of classical figurative sculpture, but instead of depicting unity, he shows us fragmentation.  In lieu of the traditional glorification of a site specific memory, Jobani presents a tangled web of anonymous bodies struggling to extricate themselves from the flat wooden reliefs he has carved them out of.  The works seem to free the monument from its petrifying function, displaying new aesthetic forms that are open to shifting narratives and new perspectives on the past.

Rina Castelnuovo’s exhibition Moments from Israel has traveled all the way to Louisville, Kentucky!  21C Museum Hotel has been a strong supporter of Rina’s work for several years and recently mounted an exhibition that includes five recent acquisitions from the 21c collection and thirteen works on loan from Moments from Israel.  Castelnuovo’s series attempts to capture the complex forces that drive the ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.  The award-winning series focuses on the West Bank settlements and outposts, which Israel has promised to dismantle as part of its commitment to a two-state solution.  Some are dramatic and moving, while others are everyday scenes of the families and people inhabiting this land. Castelnuovo’s striking ability to capture both the extraordinary and the habitual puts her in a class of her own.  If you find yourself in Louisville before January 2011, please stop by and see this moving body of work.

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