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Spotlight of the Week

April 6, 2010

Due to the holidays, we skipped last Tuesday’s edition of Spotlight, but thank you for voting in the last poll. You chose Vardi Kahana as the featured artist of the week! Don’t forget to vote again for your favorite to be featured next Tuesday.

Vardi Kahana, Cousin Shmuel’s grandchildren, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2004

Vardi Kahana was born in Tel Aviv and currently works in Israel. She specializes in portrait photography and has worked in editorial and commercial work for election campaigns, music and theater performances, television promotions, and newspapers. In addition, she has been developing and exhibiting her personal projects in the US and Israel, including at the Andrea Meislin Gallery. Her ongoing project, One Family, which includes our featured image, documents her family members. This body of work shows both older and younger generations, from Holocaust survivors that include Kahana’s mother and two aunts, to their 31 grandchildren and 35 great-grandchildren. This large family spans multiple countries and the project has taken Kahana on a decade-long journey of family discovery.

For more examples of her work, visit or our website!

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