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Spotlight of the Week

March 23, 2010

Thank you for voting in last week’s poll. You chose Yuval Yairi as the featured artist of the week! Don’t forget to vote again for your favorite to be featured next Tuesday.

Yuval Yairi, Homage to Simonides, 2006

Yuval Yairi, born in 1961 in Tel Aviv, Israel, places his artistic focus on the concept of memory and time. Composed like that of a mosaic, Yairi’s photographs consist of hundreds or thousands of digital images taken over hours or days and grafted, frame by frame, into a single image. This artistic process is meant to both replicate and enhance his own memory while simultaneous introducing the same moment to his camera’s repertory of artificial memories. The locations that he chooses are that of personal memory, shared memory, or historical memory.

This particular image, taken at the Austrian Hospice in East Jerusalem, consists of 3,000 images. The title of the work, Homage to Simonides, stems from the story of Simonides, a poet, who at a banquet held by Scopas of Thessaly, was asked to meet two young men outside the hall. Once outside he found there were no men waiting and the entire hall collapsed behind him, crushing Scopas and all the other guests. Simonides was the only one that could identify the bodies because he remembered where everyone was seated inside. This story is the basis for the art of memory, which has been attributed to Simonides and is represented in Yairi’s work.

To see more of Yuval Yairi’s work, please visit our website or

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