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Spotlight of the Week

March 16, 2010

Thank you for voting in last week’s poll. You chose Micha Bar-Am as the featured artist of the week! Don’t forget to vote again for your favorite to be featured next Tuesday.

Micha Bar-Am, Family Portrait with Cat, Ramat Gan, Gulf War, 1991

Micha Bar-Am, born in Berlin in 1930, moved to Israel at a young age and  has been working as a photographer for over 50 years–reporter for the Israeli Army magazine, photographic correspondent from Israel for the New York Times, head of the Department of Photography at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and Magnum Correspondent since 1968. His archive contains an impressive 430,000 images documenting the past 50 years of life in Israel. This particular image is a portrait of Bar-Am’s wife, two sons, and cat, prepared for a possible gas attack during the first Gulf War in 1991. They were asked to stay in a sealed room as Iraqi rockets started falling on their neighborhood in Ramat Gan. Bar-Am, already used to photographing wherever the action is, seized the opportunity to capture the event with his camera.

For more examples of Bar-Am’s work, visit our website!

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