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Vardi Kahana’s “One Family” to honor International Holocaust Memorial Day in Berlin

January 19, 2010

January 27th has been designated International Holocaust Memorial Day by the United Nations – it will be the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Berkenau, the largest Nazi death camp. To honor this day, Israeli President Mr. Shimon Peres will take part in a special ceremony at the German Bundestag (German General Assembly) in Berlin along with the German President Horst Koehler and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. As part of this historic event, Vardi Kahana has been asked to exhibit One Family at the Bundestag.

This will be a very important and historical event, and Andrea Meislin Gallery is very proud to support Vardi Kahana and her achievements.

One Family was exhibited at Andrea Meislin Gallery in November 2007. This project, the story of Kahana’s family, spanned over a decade of work and taking her across not only geographical boundaries but ideological and psychological ones as well. Despite the close-knit nature of the first generation of Holocaust survivors, subsequent generations have adopted a diverse range of lifestyles and belief systems, creating political and religious gulfs. The photograph that launches the series is Three Sisters. It depicts Kahana’s mother Rivka, with her two sisters Leah and Ester, each with her left sleeve rolled up to expose consecutive tattoos: A-7760, A-7761, A-7762. Today, having survived Auschwitz, Rivka and her sisters live in Israel with 31 grandchildren; two of them have 35 great-grandchildren.

Below are installation shots of the show. As you can see, Three Sisters is prominently displayed next to the title wall.

Kahana’s exhibition One Family will be on display at the Paul Lebe Main Hall from January 14th until February 12th. During the ceremony, the exhibition will be temporarily moved under the glass dome of the Reichstag.

For more information, visit the official website.

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